Guiding individuals to identify their POWER, PURPOSE and POSSIBILITIES.


Facilitate healing from within by building a relationship with SELF, SOURCE and OTHERS.


Constant learning, connecting and engagement with self, partners, family and the universe

Creators of SHIFT – S.avor H.appenings I.ntentionally F.or T.riumph

Open and honest communication, even if it is uncomfortable

Allowing our differences to build upon our strengths

Open to learn from the families we serve

Casey McBride, B.S.

Strategic Interventionist

Casey McBride was born and raised in North Carolina. He was the first grandchild to have attended and graduated college. He worked with Hanesbrands for over 10-years as a shipper and receiver where he was able to train hundreds of employees and found the best ways to expedite orders for their customers. Casey co-created a group for the male employees where they were able to identify their faith and speak about their emotional needs. He was coined as a “great listener” and was able to help them heal from individual issues. He helped identify each employee’s strength so that they would be more efficient at the plant.

He understands the challenges of depression and the lack of effectiveness and real change in formal psychological services. Casey found a way to heal and grow emotionally from his own issues because of his commitment to finding lasting change. He graduated from Liberty University with a Bachelors degree in Science studying Psychology, Crisis Counseling and Criminal Justice. He has been certified in various courses, trained in mindfulness, trained in Nonviolent Crisis Intervention, continuously studies under Robbins-Madanes Core 100 strategic intervention program. He has helped clients find their purpose quicker and get to where they want to be by using strategies that disrupt their current realities. Casey is the strategic interventionist that uses psychology to help individuals break through their limiting beliefs.

Yamile McBride, M.Ed.

Intuitive Teacher

Yamile McBride is a first generation American of Colombian, South American descent. She was the first in her family to have attended and graduated from college. She received a bachelor’s degree in Special Education and Communications from Salem College. She earned a master’s degree in Education in Administration and Supervision from Liberty University. As an administrator Yamile reduced discipline issues by 27% in a year, showed over 10% growth with the students she taught and increased parental and community involvement at every school she worked in.

Yamile is considered a passionate and transformational educator and continues to work in the community as the founder of Latinas Finas de Las Carolinas (Classy Latin Women of the Carolinas), a non-profit that EMPOWERS Latinas to COLLABORATE with all women so together they can MENTOR this and the next generation.

She is the Intuitive Teacher at McBride SOMOS where she helps individuals tap into their POWER by connecting with their highest self, their superpower, using spiritual and energetic practices.

Yamile is the author of, Loud, Large, Latina Fina where she wrote about how our vulnerabilities are our superpowers and the only enemy and kryptonite we have is the The Mind. She shares about her upbringing, her abuse, her mistakes and her resiliency when she realized and accepted who she was created to be.

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