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Because of trauma as a child or an adult, the unconscious mind registers everything as limitations in every part of our lives.

Coping mechanisms for symptoms such as anxiety, overwhelm, guilt, shame and fear are not successful nor long lasting. We know our clients and we have tried many of them.

To create what we want on a consistent basis with ease and flow, we found that the first step is realizing that doing the same things over and over expecting different results is the insanity that society and culture continue to medicate us with.

The only true long lasting and transformative healing is when we go to the root of the anxiety, stress and trauma by eliminating the negative emotions that created these events to begin with.

You ever drove somewhere and by the time you got there, you wondered how the heck you got there? That’s your subconscious mind, capable of memorizing and dominating over 90% of our daily activities.

Our clients around the world who have been open, found relief in their first session. They realized that they weren’t wrong or bad, but conditioned by the subconscious where they were repeating the same patterns unconsciously.

Our Customers

Yamile and Casey are great. They’re personable, professional and full of energy. I look forward to continuing to working with them.

– Lorenzo Lolo Sevilla

I really recommend their Clarity Call! Yamile asked me great questions to get me clearer on what I want and how to best move forward! They were very caring, helpful and supportive ❤ If you want clarity on how to move forward in your life or business definitely book with them now! 😃

-Laura McPhee

Casey and Yamile helped me when I drove to them this summer. Both of them in very different ways… worked with different parts of my injured soul. I still recall things that Casey shared with me, to help heal my heart. I think the biggest impact was having them both take time to really connect and understand me to offer several different techniques to help me heal. I truly love them both and look forward to growing even more.

Leslie L Valencia

These two are so real you ‘feel it’ the moment you meet them. I’ve known them for years. They’ve grown as a couple and family and have followed their dreams successfully. ❤

– Royda Turman

Their work is needed in our world. What wonderful work they do. You will certainly gain so much!

-Nancy Sungyun

Yamile McBride is great with helping individuals overcome their fears while pushing them to step into their power! #Stepintoyourpower

– Bucardo Jen

Un ser humano increíble y dedicado a despertar esa heroina que todas llevamos dentro, un ser con mucha ENERGIA. Gracias Yamile por tu entrega . ¡NAMASTE!

– Celi Condorachay

Working with McBride SOMOS was a wonderful and beautiful experience wth our teen group: Peace Builders for Justice. The grounding and greatfulness activities, along with mindfulness, while also building up their coping toolbox to work with challenging and sensitive topics in circles. Thank you for your time and sharing vulnerably with our group. We hope to continue to collaborate again soon!

-Amanda Causey

If you are looking to connect and grow for real with a family with real people no fakes, real problems, and real solutions the McBride is your tribe. They are great sharing their powerful experiences with incredible joy, hope and excitement of what life is, if you get lemons do a Limonada!


Gisela Garcia Serrano

My first session a few months ago was with Yamile. The session was really life changing. She helped me to tap into my own power. I have a better understanding of what keeps me stuck in life. I enjoy our sessions and appreciate the love she gives to her clients. She is very passionate about helping people empower themselves to live thier full potential.

-Barbara Cruz

I have had several sessions with Yamile, who has helped me get underneath my lack of self confidence after i was laid off and fell out of my career path. Yamile has helped me and motivated me to be confident as I change my career path and start my own business and take charge of my life. Yamile is a very caring coach but also great at motivating and encouraging you to bring your strengths out.

-Mark Browne




Came From Finding, Failing & Focusing…

We were originally seekers for our own and our family’s healing. We were tired of using drugs, going to talk therapy and hearing what religion and society believed about our condition because of an external manifestation. Ready to Ignite or Create the Relationships you have always desired?

Unapologetically Create

The Life & Destiny You Desire 

From Your Genius Within

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