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Powerful Person

There is another way. You know you can live life fully because you feel it in your heart and soul. You are non-judgmentally and unconditionally loved!

Individual Session

Are you ready to tap into your fullest potential? Want to know what you were created for? You already know that there is a reason, a business, a love that you can have and deserve. Let us help you tap into your power, your purpose and the limitless possibilities.

Couples Session

Ready to have the most incredible relationship ever? Are you done with fighting and discordance in your home and heart? You deserve all of the love, romance AND the love making you desire. Let us share with you the secrets to a successful relationship.

Group Sessions

Do you believe in the power of collective unity? The mind shifts can occur quicker when you are open to share and learn from other Individuals in Life, Schools and Businesses. Join our Online and In-Person Group Sessions.

Hello Powerful Person! 


Yamile & Casey McBride

We ignite YOUR personal POWER, PURPOSE and POSSIBILITIES so you too can live your best life NOW. We are the Yin and Yang Power Couple because of the differences others see on the outside. Our opposites attracted us to live an unapologetic life together. Our lives, family and business thrive because of the principles we created. Let us help you GROW through yours quicker and faster than therapy, education or religion.

You are NOT broken, you TOO have the power within!

Our Expertise

Came From Finding, Failing & Focusing…

We were originally seekers for our own and our family’s healing. We were tired of using drugs, going to talk therapy and hearing what religion and society believed about our condition because of an external manifestation.

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Guaranteed to FEEL the difference in how to approach what holds you back.

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When booking answer questions honestly so you can have a great session.

1st Session!

FREE clarity session allows us to see if you are a good fit for our strategies.

Our Approach

We became experts because we personally learned, studied and use mindfulness, meditation, neurolinguistic programming, energy work, visioning, psychology and intuition to heal permanently.

We have been able to help ourselves and others overcome and gain relief of traumatic experiences, identity issues, stress, anxiety and depression without drugs or regurgitating issues of the present and past. Everyone has the potential to SHIFT their life experiences by wanting to live a life full of peace, joy, love, energy, excitement and enthusiasm. The question is, are you ready to do whatever it takes?

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