For years we were searching and reaching for goals that were specifically for our professional development, never realizing that to get better at anything we needed to focus on ourselves. Our passion IS personal development because that is the HOW we were able to transform our personal lives first.

Realizing that it all came from Self-Actualization is the HOW we are teaching about it. We believe that EVERYONE has talents and potential that can be realized fully in their lives once they KNOW and remember who they are. Once we accepted WHO we were individually we were able to see that every contrast, every opposite that had and happens in our lives are exactly the lessons we need to be who we were created to be.

We work with individuals that know they want to grow, but need help on how they can use their own power for growth. 

Our processes came from the mindfulness, meditation and mentoring practices that we were schooled in and continue to grow in. Find out what that looks like for individuals, groups, schools and businesses.

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