Ending Anxiety With a Mind Spa®

No Drugs Needed: A Holistic & Natural Approach

After Decades Of Silently Suffering This Leader…

Ended up in the hospital with symptoms of a heart attack. She felt like a failure, like she had let everyone down. Since she was the only Administrator on campus that day with 650 students and 85 staff members who depended on her leadership she felt guilt. She laid in the gurney wondering what she had missed when she had worked so hard to get to where she was in her career.

She had been conditioned for decades to work hard to get to where she wanted and she did it to the detriment of her health, and her relationships. Working 60 hour weeks, being a mom of 3 and a new wife while going to school full time was her norm.

This leader who closed the gap of discipline by 27%, increased academics by over 12% and increased parental and community involvement by over 35% had realized at the hospital that the physical damage to her body was nothing compared to the anxiety and depression she had been masking with overworking, overthinking, and over drinking. 

After a Mind Spa® and the follow up optional work she feels liberated. Today she is a successful business owner, a new mom at 45 with the son she always wanted, and healthy relationships with her family, friends and herself.

Benefits Of A Mind Spa®

Anxiety shows up in everyone’s lives in many different ways. What can start as a sensation of overwhelm, confusion, depression or the onset of past trauma not dealt with we have all been victims of this silent killer. Panic attacks are the most obvious to spot. However, that is not a universal sign of having anxiety. People overlook the other silent warning signs, such as: overworking, overthinking, over analyzing, over protective, and over compensating traits. 

A Mind Spa Offers:

  • Quick & Simple Sessions
  • Confidential & Secure
  • Instant Relief Of Anxiety
  • Online & In Person Available
  • Experience Relaxation Instantly
  • Accomplish Goals Quicker With Ease & Flow 

Don't Take Our Work For It - Our Clients Are Transformed:

"Had such an amazing experience at the Mind Spa event! Within 24 already have so much positive impact including closing business on two fronts with an amazing local business partner! In two days! The focus and relaxation really does have an impact! I'm booking Yamile for an event with teachers soon and hope to see her on the TEDxHighPoint stage this fall!"

James Davis, Age 32

Complimentary 15 Minute Session

Book a free 15 minute mind-spa session to try the experience out.

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