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Latinas Finas de Las Carolinas, Classy Latin Women of the Carolinas, is a non-profit that EMPOWERS Latinas to COLLABORATE with all women to MENTOR this and the next generation around the world STARTING from the Carolinas. In the pursuit of finding out WHO and WHERE a Latina originated from we compiled a list of countries and their flags to showcase the orgullo, pride, from our specific “mother country.” We have realized over the last year and a half that #WEARE a people and a generation that has been labeled for way too long according to our accent, our skin color and our paperwork so we want to break out of these labels and embrace the Latina and woman from #Within Above is the original logo, but as we embrace the diversity of ALL women, including the WHOLE Latina, because we were never broken, the new logo (soon to be announced) will embrace and captivate our collective story.

McBride SOMOS COO, Yamile, created the non-profit to uplift, support, love on and encourage growth for EVERY Latina in the Carolinas by collaborating with other women who have the desire to fulfill their destiny. She wanted to create a space to share each others joys, challenges, growths and facilitate a revolution that propels #Latinas and #LatinasFinasSupporters to want to be the best they were created to be. It doesn’t matter what they do or who they have been told they are or are not, it matters that these women want and believe there is MORE for them.
Collectively we can share these stories so that everyone knows how we take care of our sisters. Life is too short to hold on to grudges, confusion and deficit mindsets. We ALL struggle in one way or another the answer is that we already have ALL of the resources inside us to create the answers we need to focus on what we have instead of what we don’t. Many Latinas came from countries that were under social, emotional or spiritual persecution, that didn’t make more than minimum wage, that were put down because they were not a man yet they are alive in a country full of opportunities. Other Latinas here were tore down, put down, didn’t fit in, lived in shelters or foster homes, were abused emotionally, physically or sexually yet I am living and always looking for a better life for myself, my family and my community.
Is there something you have gone through? Do you know how resilient you are? Do you know how your story can impact millions? Because we overcame situations that others will never understand we are capable of so much together.
Join us at a local LFdlc meeting in person or online as we empower each other to not only dream, but to plan out how those dreams become into reality. #JuntasSomosPoderosas #TogetherWeAreStrongER
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Yamile McBride is the author of #LoudLargeLatinaFina a book about identifying her vulnerabilities as her superpowers and realizing that the only kryptonite is the mind. For a copy of the book click on the link to purchase through Amazon. For orders over 10 please email the author directly at for a price difference.
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