When you are in constant expectancy, open to answers that make you feel good, you will receive them. The secret is to be present and grateful in any moment or memory that comes in so that you can be clear on why it’s in your current consciousness. The Universe is always “speaking to us” by leaving clues or messages that will trigger the direction we should take. These experiences can be big and the very things you need to comfort you in a time of need or just as a reminder that you are not alone. Even those experiences or happenings that are in contrast of your belief are there to serve us if we allow it. Here in the west, specifically in the States, we associate pain or discomfort in a negative connotation because that is how our society teaches us. We have a headache take a pill, we have a stomach ache take a pink drink, we hate our spouse or were abused in some way we go to therapy or church and regurgitate the pain over and over. Never realizing that the pain is actually what we need to sit in for a moment to ask why it came up and what do we need to learn from it.

That peanut was a trigger to a former memory, almost 35 years earlier! I found the peanut nestled inside the crevice of the center console all by itself. It instantly reminded me of a time I was under the kitchen table at an apartment we lived in, in New Jersey. This was the apartment I and my mother were abused in, the one my father busted down the door and was arrested out of the tub. The place our drunk neighbor walked into believing it was his place and got mad when he was redirected. The place I was forced to drink raw liver because I was so anemic and it was the only way my mother knew how to help me. The apartment my mother celebrated me and my sister’s birthdays (January and July birthdays) on Halloween so she could gather enough friends for us to join in the festivities. One particular afternoon I was under the table playing and saw a peanut, I specifically remember saying, “OOOOOOO A peanut!” popped it in my mouth and crunched down on it, only to find out it was a dry bean! Imagine the sensation in my mouth and the confusion in my brain! I told it what it was supposed to be, yet I did not give it what it was expecting.

So, what was our contrast that day when I found this? We were driving to Chapel Hill with a machine for a client of ours who he fell in love with it and wanted to buy it from us. Casey and I were full of emotions because the machine was part of his past life with his adoptive father who passed away 10 years ago. His father told him that he wanted Casey to have the machines because he wanted to leave them with someone that will be grateful and use them. He felt that he was betraying his father’s memory, the peanut past, and now was selling it, the hard-dry bean. We were talking about the emotions of the guilt and sadness. When we pulled into our clients home we saw all of the work and projects that he has going on with his two sons. They are bee keepers who make their own bee boxes and needed the specific machine we had to continue in the family’s passion of cultivating bee honey. We realized that our thoughts were feeding our consciousness that we were doing a bad thing. When we saw that it went to a family who were very excited to get it and were going to put it to constant use, we knew we had made the right decision. Now the feeling was different, the emotion changed from being somber and sad to feeling joy and excitement for the new generation we were able to bless.

When you go through contrast, sit in it for a moment and ask why are you feeling that? What does that memory, issue or circumstance pull up from your past? When you can ask it questions, the truth will come out. The old belief will surface and will guide you to the new belief you are wanting to create with the life you have now. We are definitely not the same people we were when we were younger, yet we can live in those memories so much that we are part of that past that no longer serves who we want to become for the sake of our own selves, our partner, our family and our clients. It feels liberating to know that anxiety, pain, depression all have a root belief that can be changed so that it’s effects can be lessened or eradicated, IF we are willing to see it through. It’s like working out, I have tried to work out for a month consistently believing that I don’t need to continue, only to find out that belief is not true. The memories are a muscle, that need to be trained to who and what you want it to be.

What is a belief that you used to have that you no longer entertain? Feel free to reach out for a free clarity session so we can help you unveil that power, the purpose and possibilities that you have within! https://calendly.com/mcbride/30min

Casey and Yamile McBride are Master Teachers and together bring a dynamic awareness to who you are. They have gone through divorces, step family issues, abuse, starting businesses, identity issues, depression and other life traumas collectively for over 60 years! After being taught and mentored by the best in the world they realized they went through the crap to help others heal and know their own worth. They ignite YOUR personal power, purpose and possibilities so you too can live your best life NOW. They are the Yin and Yang Power Couple because of the differences others see on the outside, but their opposites attracted them to live an unapologetic life together. Their  lives, family and business thrive because of the principles they created. They have gone through the battles, to help you GROW through yours quicker and faster than therapy, education or religion. You are NOT broken, you TOO have the power!


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