Be the spark you know is within. The light and power we have is mightier then we even give ourselves credit for. Walk in your power as you consciously ask what you were created for even if you don’t feel or see what you want. Setting that light below a bushel, fear, a story or a belief that doesn’t suit you, it won’t get to where you were created to be…

We are the ones that create the stories of our lives. We are the creators of what we want to share with others as we live our life and when we leave our legacy. There will always be different versions of the truth. The media, society and many others are more interested in writing and telling what they want the story to be instead of what the story is actually about. The story of poverty that America portrays keeps many down in that story, rather then allowing the poor (according to stats) to focus on the truth that we are all capable of being and manifesting greatness. Are you tired as well of the narration that others have about, the poor, the Blacks, the Latinos, the immigrants, the ___________ (you name it)? I am too, especially in a city that is bustling with innovation, money, ideas and possibilities. In a city that is being constructed on the backs of my brothers and sisters, the same ones that I eat, workout and am friends with, I see a different story. It is a story of hope, joy, love and the American Dream that others want to diminish.

According to statistics, I should be on welfare and my children should have suffered the same fate I had growing up. Up until I graduated high school I went to 27 different schools. I lived in shelters and a couple of foster homes growing up because of the abuse that I and my mother went through. I lived with a mother who had PTSD and other mental health impairments that tainted her and our reality and because of this we were transient depending on her mood. Even with her mental disability statistics says, I should have issues and I am proud to say I have not been on medicine for over 20 years. I got my bachelor and masters degree even though I ended up in a couple of abusive relationships in my adulthood, again more reason to be part of a statistic. I have lived in the same home now with my second husband for 9 years and in the same vicinity since my 10th grade daughter was in preK. That is stability, we live exactly where I dreamt and believed of living when I was young, in the suburbs. I have an incredibly passionate, peaceful and joyful marriage, family and career. We own our own businesses and make money to take care of my family, to vacation often and to invest in ourselves.

As the writer, J.R. Moehringer wrote, “Lies that come from love, can devastate as much as those that come from malice.” That means even from nonprofits, churches, our family, our parents, even ourselves. Those stories are there to protect us from pain, but pain is to be questioned, not to be medicated so we silence it. We get to choose our meme, our story, our autobiography regardless of the statics that others share about us. Let’s not allow the fear of others, their research and their perspective of life to create despair and hopelessness in our lives. In the well meaning interpretation of people who do not live, nor have ever experienced poverty first hand, they will never know 1-how resilient we and those who have gone through are and 2-how possible it is to become who WE say we can be. Focus on WHAT you want to see in your life not what you see in the mirror, in your neighborhood, in your bank account or in the papers. If you are ready to see yourself for who you were created to be, reach out. It took 41 years for me to realize that I was Latina to only find out that was still just what others saw about me. I am more then that, I am a powerful, passionate, resilient human that believes we ALL have the power within to create the life we deserve to live. Our nightmare and our destiny is what we make it and it comes from the same source, from within. Our mind can deceive us, just as it is deceiving the ones looking at the statistics to portray it to the world to feel sorry for us.

If you are ready to meet the person you were created to be, reach out for a free clarity session. Money, big homes, careers, prestige, culture and education are what you do or look like, not WHO you are. Let’s create a DREAMALITY together for yourself, your family, your community and your legacy!

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