Enjoy the journey and adventure with your step family, starting with you. YOU are the one that has the power to create the life and family you have always dreamed of. The pain is to season that passionate, powerful person you were destined to be. Listen as we share our own journey so you can see, believe and know that you are not alone. You are here for a purpose bigger than ourselves. Experience, embrace and enjoy the beauty of the scars, the brokenness and the power that has always been within you waiting for this moment to shine through.

Scenarios might look and feel different, but when going through pain in any form, it is possible to find relief by breathing through the “contraction of life.” In other words, being open and honest with ourselves means allowing the pain to guide us to our truest purpose, our healing and the root of the pain we feel. We realized that to SHIFT to a different reality, to the reality we WANTED we had to S.avor H.ell I.ntentionally F.OR T.RIUMPH both in ourselves and in our step family. We challenge you to look within for the answers, but if you don’t know what that means, please reach out for your own emotional well being. We believe that a lot of the reasons that we respond to circumstances in a certain way are the beliefs we were told and understood as we were growing up. SOMOS a step family that struggled for years looking for answers outside of ourselves. Never realizing the potential that we tucked away believing it would take others to change our circumstance, our nightmare. WE ARE the ones in the dream, the ones that opened our eyes to see with our hearts, rather than our minds.

Casey’s Quiet Power pierced through to my soul and like I used to say to him, “you scare me,” because I was afraid of being silent. I was always told that I was the loud, large Yamile and I believed I had to fall suit to it especially when I didn’t feel like I belonged in the groups of people that I grew up with. So much that I wrote a book called Loud, Large, Latina Fina speaking about my vulnerabilities being my superpowers and that the only kryptonite we have is the mind. I learned that my size and my loudness ARE my superpowers, but that it doesn’t have to overtake me nor my personality. Just like spiderman doesn’t shoot out webs when he is Peter Parker nor even all of the time when he IS Spiderman. He used his powers when he WANTED to, even though at first it was a wreck and he was all over the place. Sound familiar? We all have this type of experience where we find out something about ourselves and start to question what and why it is there for. I believe if it is to serve you and the masses, look at cultivating it in joy, love and peace. If it doesn’t serve you nor anyone else, you CAN let it go. Getting quiet I thought was a bad thing because my mind would criticize me on all the things I did and all the things I shoulda done. My mind was and sometimes still is always running especially when I don’t get grounded. The more I practice being quiet and becoming conscious of my thoughts, my actions start reflecting my inner power. Even with the past that I have had, it is all about the present, and what I want for my life now and to come.

My Powerful Purpose intimidated Casey because he was afraid of BECOMING the person he was created to be.

“It wasn’t until I stepped outside of my comfort zone and joined my wife in her loudness and free spirit that I realized I was hiding my own greatness for fear of what others would say. Even one of her friends told me that she was going to be too much for me. She said that Yamile needed someone that could handle her wildness especially after all of her heartache. The fear I had, came from family, therapists and teachers. They all agreed that my learning disability and depression would be with me my whole life. I played along, allowed my mom, special ed teacher and regular ed teachers to put me in the lowest functioning classes where I didn’t do too much. Twice a week, I allowed the nurses to prepare me for ECTs, Electroconvulsive therapy, as a young teen because I couldn’t get a grip on my depression. I was diagnosed with disorders that if in fact I had them today I would HAVE to be on psychotic medication for a lifetime and I take nothing now and have been off of meds for over 15 years. Just because we hear someone’s truth doesn’t mean it is supposed to be our truth. The older I got, the more I started realizing that I had a purpose, but didn’t know what it was. Some people would encourage me that I had a calling in my life, especially those that saw me play baseball. That was the only thing that I saw I was good at until my elbow surgery, that’s when depression hit me even more. When I met Yamile, she scared and excited me all at once. She was a free spirited, loud, procrastinator, who would plan things at the last minute. I remember when we were dating one Friday morning she called me and asked if I wanted to go to Florida with her and a friend, a 12-hour trip and we left that afternoon. She seemed to have more fun than I ever had before. I took a chance, I wanted to be with her and go towards the pain of exposing my own truth because I wanted the joy that she portrayed. It was scary, I got angry many times and I struggled with our relationship because I was learning about myself through the pain, but I thought it was her and her children that were causing me heartache. Her annoyances, actually differences, became what I needed to heal from my past, it was the salt to the wound that I had placed a band aid on and tried to cover up. I am not perfect, I continue to grow, but I am a way better person than I used to be, loving myself through it”

We learned that what was annoying or a contrast to our individual belief systems, was the lesson we each had and HAVE for each other. The same we found with our bio, step children, exes, in laws and society. Everyone is our classroom, good or indifferent, we just have to be open to hear and breathe through the contraction of the life lesson.

Casey and Yamile McBride, founders of McBride SOMOS ConsultingSOMOS means WE ARE. WE ARE whole, SOMOS love, WE ARE united, SOMOS capable of breaking patterns that does not suit us, nor our children. WE choose to create our own reality.

If you are ready to be at peace regardless of what situation is going on around you don’t hesitate to book here or send us a private message.

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