High Conflict Step Family? Just read that a recent court named a blended family High Conflict Family… What in the world, why do courts or ANYONE for that matter think they can appropriate or diagnose names like this over our families. NOONE has the right to call you names or be judged from the sidelines. Just like Serena was looked at poorly because she stepped up for herself, when others had done the same before YOU have the power to ask them to apologize! You are ONLY what YOU believe you are. High conflict, gauging one conflict or issue is higher or lower is only in the eyes that are perceiving it, not the one who is going through it. You choose what is happening to you, even when others around you are calling you names, fighting, rolling their eyes, etc. That B- within your two ears even thinks crazy thoughts of the GREAT person you are and were created to be!

Only those that accept these names are because they don’t see the light, YET. Let me tell yous guys/gals, none of us are BROKEN! We are not needing a remedy, an elixir or a reality check. WE CREATE the reality we WANT. We just need the right steps to create the life WE WANT. You choose to have that Brilliant and Resilient Blended Family you were created to have. It doesn’t have to look, sound or feel the same. The pain is a great place to start, to go to the root of the situation, not to sit in wet or dirty pants. You choose to be happy, loving, guilt free and emotionally content at any time. If there is CRAP, say thank you poo, and ask hmmm wonder why you reared your head up… and clean it up! It is possible, is it easy? NOPE, but so simple and if you want to be FREE of shame and the judgments of others then you are ready to make this happen.

Our couples in the mindset group are not just reIgniting their passion for each other again, they are working on seeing their step children, in laws and exes in a different light. You hold the key to your happiness… take a chance on the endless possibilities. Many of them were about to call it quits, but with our tools they saw a quick impact and got them to a different state quickly! These families truly know it comes from within! They aren’t afraid of knowing that the first step is their mindset and the BEST key to fit the future they believe and yearn for. The kids are loving the online group sessions and after some nervous laughs, which is normal, they love asking specific questions about their own purpose and pains! They ALL believe they ARE superheroes who were chosen for something GREATER! It is in their GRIT that they know they can dig into the pain to reveal the root story that they can control to change their reality. They ALL, parents and children, search for meaning and are ready for the year long mastermind because they TOO want to be trained to do the same! These are not difficult steps, they are the very resourcefulness they have inside to make the changes to create happiness. They refused to become part of statistics that says 75% of blended families don’t make it. They are hungry to know they are capable of being Brilliant AND Resilient Blended Families!

In the picture attached or above, I remember this day…after years of pain, arguments, judgments, courts, 50B’s, racist in laws and exes, etc. I was truly content and grateful FOR those situations, it gave us, ALL of us our super powers. It has gotten us to a place of love, joy, faith, openness and abundance in so many ways. The only kryptonite we have, sits in between our ears. What is yours telling you?

Reach out, it’s NEVER too late to change the stats, join the 25% of those that are AND want to make it, but only if you are ready to look within…

If you are ready to be at peace regardless of what situation is going on around you don’t hesitate to book a break through session at BREAK THROUGH SESSION or send me a private message.


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