We have been asked, what does it mean to be #Conscious when there is so much anxiety, chaos, issues and adversities in and outside of their lives. Especially when data shows that 70% of #stepfamilies won’t make it!

Our answer is connected to having to LEARN how to be conscious ourselves…

I visualize #BeingConscious as a flame that is willing to BE vulnerable, BE transparent and just BE to share their light with others around them so it can be felt globally. Especially in a world full of so many beliefs, a #consciousSTEPfamily decides to use their vulnerabilities as their super powers to manifest the greatness they were created to BE. In this acceptance they inadvertently allow others to do the same who feel they are not enough or can’t get through the challenges they face on a daily basis. Without the collectiveness of our efforts and sharing of our vulnerabilities and breakthroughs many will feel they are not enough. The love that we have and share with others comes from a nonjudgemental, unconditional love that can only be found for existing and being even in the midst of adversity. That type of love and peace transcends race, culture, color, language and any other label that society can place on us. It is also work that needs to be done on a regular basis because even though we are never alone, there are times that I do feel lonely when I don’t believe in myself because I see and hear the powers outside of myself louder then the sweet love, peace and completeness from within.

We found that the best way to have a #BrilliantANDReslient Blended Family was to be aware of and respond to situations in a way that gets us to the root of the feeling rather than getting entangled in the “symptoms.” The symptoms are what is happening outside of our own control such as a teenager’s eye rolls, arguments, bills due, in laws meddling, family presumptions, situations at a work place, etc. Our response should be in a way that is not numbing the symptoms with shouting, drinking, cursing, using drugs, ignoring, staying away from the home, spending money frivolously or invalidating our feelings or that of other people who are showing their own symptoms. The WAY we are becoming more conscious is by ALLOWING, hearing and asking questions internally when we are frustrated. Wanting to be conscious doesn’t mean we are not affected by issues, but rather we choose to stop and consider what is happening at the present moment. When we focus on the responses of others, something that happened in the past, anxious or worried about the future, we know that we are off track of just BEING.

When painful things happen, it is so we can FEEL the pain to ASK ourselves the right questions. Being Aware and conscious of our pain is part of growing into the best version of ourselves. We can do this by asking internal questions rather than trying to control the situations that happen around us. When you go within to your essence, your source, God or the Universe for the peace and answers you look for, the power will exude and your symptoms will SHIFT as your response to the symptoms SHIFT. In a later blog I will explain what we mean specifically about allowing our situations and thought processes to SHIFT…

Not everyone is ready for the process of going within. Many step families believe they are not ready to take these steps because they have gone through so much pain that they are accustomed to it. Some even believe subconsciously that they deserve to struggle and suffer depending on how they were raised, what they went through and what they are willing to accept. It wasn’t until we HATED what we were living in, a constant battle, egg shell home, poisonous mind about what we couldn’t control that we found THE WAY to get to the source.

WE ARE, SOMOS, the best screwed up, blended and step family you can even imagine. EVERYTHING that could have happened to a step family, did, and for that we are grateful. EVERY possible thing that has happened, has shaped us into the best parents (step and bio) that our children (step and bio) could have for their own growth. We chose to walk on fire, literally, because we reached the point of giving up not just on our marriage, but on life itself. You are not alone, if you are reading this far, you are one of us, one of those warriors that KNOWS you were created for greatness…

If you are ready to be at peace regardless of what situation is going on around you don’t hesitate to book a break through session at BREAK THROUGH SESSION or send me a private message.

You, your family, your community and your legacy are worth it!

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