Venting with a Purpose




You are not alone when it seems like you feel wronged, situations have switched for the 12th time this year or you don’t feel appreciated. There are many educators that get burnt out because there is no way of getting to a point of change from everything that is being placed on you.

Sharing with new teachers or veteran teachers leave you more frustrated? When you shared with others did they amplify how you feel because they TOO feel that way? Listen, it’s not that we don’t want you to get it out. We offer a way that you can share your pains, but that you do it in a way that won’t compromise your message and bring clarity to the frustration. The last thing we believe you want is to be known as the Negative Nelly, other teachers will listen, validate and understand, but in private will go talk about you and your venting. McBride SOMOS wants to give you an opportunity to SHOUT it out, VENT, get angry, get mad, challenge decisions (in private first), share what you feel is impeding you from what you want to do.


After you do this with one of your coaches you will be asked a series of questions that will lead you to a better understanding and plan of action of what you should do, say and how you should respond even down to your body language.

Your reaction and frustration to situations that happen to you are seen by everyone even if you don’t say them. That is why Venting with a Purpose is important because you get out the anger, questions, but can walk away with a better understanding and perception of the situation. For more understanding on communication and the power of body language read

Words, the literal meaning of what you say account for only 7% of the overall message. We believe you can be heard even more when you can have a platform to VENT the excess frustration.  

Reach out for your 30 minute free session, and until then happy venting…

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