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Personal Development, Empowerment Workshops and Keynotes available 


Some Topics discussed in English or Spanish at and in locations specified below


Pursuing your dream with a plan from within

Staying TRUE to yourself in a sea of sameness

Becoming the WHO you were intended to be for complete satisfaction

Learning how to speak up for yourself with purpose, passion and certainty

Believing that we are not victims but victors as we SIFT for our healing through the pain

Creating the WHY to our dreams by visualizing and seeing the DREAMALITY (DREAM + REALITY = THE LIFE YOU WANT)

Ingredients for success using our vulnerabilities as our superpowers and believing that the only kryptonite is The Mind

Identifying the sense we feel inside to stand next to and for someone that needs our voice as they unleash theirs from within

Making the SHIFT by realizing that getting to the best versions of ourselves we need to S.avor H.ell I.ntentionally F.or T.riumph


Programs, sessions and keynotes can be specified to your school or institutional needs


Yamile McBride, Lead Latina Fina and Casey McBride, El Huero and Co-Owner have been Featured in:





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