Ready to embark on the journey of the life you were intended to live? You know who you are. Or do you? Do you know why you are here, living at this moment? Have you fulfilled your desires, your purpose, your vision for what is joy, peace, love and happiness? Do you feel you need a challenge, a spice, another level in what you are living and doing? When we are not being challenged, or continue to move forward without fulfillment we become stagnant and complacent. With this mindset we do our jobs, our assignments, our relationships and life out of a HAVE TO rather then a WANT TO. Once we have reached a plateau it is time to up our game to the next level, to become the best versions of ourselves.

As coaches and experts, we have invested over $65,000 of our own money and time since June 2017. We continuously look to improve, educate and challenge our thinking so we can learn and be more. We believe that if we are not growing we are dying and that we STILL don’t know anything. We choose to continue to unleash the person that was created to love and learn to be present in everything. We continue to learn to impact our lives, our family and to influence those around us who KNOWS they were created for something better as well.


Online Group, or Private over the Phone

Meet online or over the phone LIVE 1-2 times a week for a minimum of 4-weeks

     4-week & 8-Week coaching created from your clarity session, click here to schedule yours 

Past Clarity Sessions have brought up these topics:

  1. Accountability
  2. Emotional Blockage
  3. Motivation and Goal setting
  4. Empowerment of what to do next in life
  5. How to meditate, what is consciousness
  6. Clarity about education, career, relationship
  7. Becoming aware of self-sabotaging patterns
  8. Dealing with step children, in laws, exes and new spouse
  9. Nonjudgmental point of view on your specific circumstances
  10. Quick Tweak of a present or past issue that keeps reoccurring



Group setting online

Weekly LIVE 1 time a week for 1, 2 and 3 month packages

  • Using the book to create your own purpose in life regardless of your background or labels. Click to order and for more details Loud, Large, Latina Fina: The Story of My Existence
  • How to BE PRESENT in your daily life
  • What do you want? Specific steps to acquiring what you WANT!
  • Diversity… Do you really know what this is? Willing to GROW together for a collective greatness?
  • Secret to Life is GIVING… How can we give more, do more, and be more IN your community?
  • More added, depending on clarity sessions


If you are ready to take your life to the next level?

If you KNOW you were created for something different?

If you believe your heart is speaking even when others think you are a fool?

Reach out for a free clarity session to find that purpose, passion and the process towards the  destiny you were created and born for!



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