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Yamile McBride is the author of #LoudLargeLatinaFina a book about identifying that the vulnerabilities we have are actually the superpowers that will help others if we allow it. She also realized that the only kryptonite is #TheMind

For a copy of the book click on the link to purchase through Amazon. For orders over 10 please email the author directly at ignite@McBrideSOMOS.com for a price difference.



A portion of the Latinas Finas de las Carolinas T-Shirts and bags go towards mentoring middle school and high school students in the community. There are items, colors and bundles while they last that you can purchase:

Book, T-shirt, bag = $35 (Retails for $48.50)

Book and T-shirt = $25 (Retails for $33.50)

T-shirt = $12 (Retails for $17.50)

10 Books or more = $100 or more (Retail for $160 or more)

Disruptive Marketing for those ready to be SEEN, HEARD and FELT
Prices will be going up, please set up a clarity session to see how we can help.
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MORE items and services to come