Do you have an incredible business idea? A plan that no one else has ever thought about? Are you excited, ready, on fire and supported by your family, friends, church and community? Are you still working a full time job and hustling your business as it slowly progresses into the empire you want it to be? GREAT! Then you want to stop reading right here! This is ONLY for the entrepreneurs and business owners who have failed hard, continue to fall on their faces, get rejected constantly, lost everything including the WHYthey even thought they had to begin with.

To that business owner, to the one that has fumes that is sustaining some heat from the initial fire, some motivation, some desire to continue. I want to ask a few questions, but first… WHY?! Why are you still working it? You don’t know? You just FEEL like something is pushing you to go on? If you are at this point, then YOU are SERIOUS about creating the life that you deserve, the life you have dreamt of since you were a child! For that I commend you, for your resiliency, your tenacity and your sticktoitiveness! However, since we have been THROUGH, we want to help you REignite your POWER, REgain the confidence, REset the blazing passionate fire that you once had. You CAN create and leave the legacy you have from within your soul!

FIRST, take this survey seriously if you want to reIGNITE that FIRE, SUSTAIN and SCALE the business you have on your mind.

  • Who are you surrounding yourself with?
  • Are your relationships doing well, with yourself, your partner, your family, your business affiliates?
  • Who are you listening to when it comes to sharing your content?
  • Do you believe that you are the ONLY one with this idea?
  • Do you have a Business Mentor, a Guide, a Teacher, a Coach that can help you TAP into your POWER, PURPOSE and POSSIBILITIES that you already have within?

YES? Then be honest about the next questions…

  • Are they practicing what they preach?
  • Are they helping you scale your business?
  • Are they scaling their own business or are they receiving a regular paycheck?
  • Is the entrepreneurial ecosystem leaders offering sound advice?
  • Is growing your business a theory or a practice to be sustainable?
  • Are you able to learn the ins and outs of YOUR business from someone who is putting in time to get a regular paycheck?

After leaving the school system where I received a consistent paycheck, retirement, insurance and other perks I believed anything could be possible. I believed that I would be able to start a business, a nonprofit and everything would be fine. I believed people would follow my passion, my mission and believe that it was earth shattering enough that it would sell itself. Holy CRAP, was I wrong! I didn’t realize that it was going to take more than just money, an idea and passion. It has taken EVERYTHING I have to stay with it, because of the work I do.

The lessons that we have had to learn, time and time again over the last two years are that being in a slump is the best thing to achieve and unveil the greatness within. It isn’t the one that is watching, the one that is on the sidelines criticizing the one in the arena (Roosevelt). It wasn’t even about the one that was SEEN in the arena, but about the ONE that is WITHIN, the power larger than the fear that comes up daily. The desire to continue to build a business that transforms lives instantly is what fuels our fire to continue with helping as many people who are open to being the best versions they were called to be.

If you are serious about taking your life, your relationships and your business to the next level regardless of EVERY failure, rejection and slump you have encountered then NOW is the time. Don’t play safe or small anymore, your essence NEEDS you to be BOLD, be BODACIOUS and be BRAVE. FIRST, answer the questions above and send them to us at WE ARE (SOMOS) The Yin Yang Power Couple Inspiring individuals to unveil THEIR POWER, Solidify THEIR PURPOSE and UNLEASH the infinite POSSIBILITIES from WITHIN… We have aligned our powers of Intuition and Psychology to facilitate the answers, the life and the healing you look for. With us, you are NEVER alone!

We passionately work with those who believe they were created for a life of BOLDNESS! For those that KNOW they can do anything if they can engage with the right Teacher that can reIGNITE their POWER, PURPOSE AND endless POSSIBILITIES! Allow our constant failing, resiliency, learning and creating to help you, your business, your employees, your family and your brand to be FELT, not just seen or heard. Don’t let your question be, ‘CAN I make it?’ rather, DARE to believe ‘HOW CAN I make it!’ Let us help you FEEL this from within your core!

Ready to speak to us, send us your answers and set up a time for a free 30 minute session at

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