When you are inspired by some great purpose or extraordinary project you get to choose THE seasoning you were created with. Your mind transcends limitations, you find yourself in a wonderful world. If we get lost in the #HOW or the #EXECUTION of our projects and our purpose… that is when we become the executioner of our #dream our #destiny and the power #within

Allowing doesn’t mean the secret of doing nothing, it is the power of believing that we are EXACTLY WHERE WE need to be right here, right now. Being #grateful for everything that unfolds in front of us, even the contrast will bring us that gratification and understanding of the HOW we need to approach our plans, purposes and situations. Do we need to pay bills, deal with situations? Yes, we all do, including billionaires. How can we create a way that we don’t focus on what we don’t want to do? Rather let’s focus on the feelings of joy, peace and love of ourselves and of what we have right now.

For years I fought, struggled and executed a specific plan to “one day” become a principal of a school. I made it, worked hard as hell for and through it. When the #joy “wore off” the reality set in that I only did it because I believed that happiness was in the achievement of something great. Money, status, joy and peace were all attached to a degree, to a position, not the WAY and the PERSON I was created to be. My intentions were well meaning as all of ours are. They came from the desire of belonging, of being someone my family, my culture desired me to be, a college graduate. As a first generation, these are the stories we believe from our families, our community and eventually even ourselves, go to school, work hard, go to college and find a great job.

I lost myself in the execution. My purpose was focused on the end result, the goal, rather then the process and the understanding of WHO I was becoming because of the process. My losing my identity was the BEST thing that could have happened to me, to my family and to the community I serve. We all serve our community by adding to them or taking away, I knew that I was called to do things where being different wasn’t abnormal especially since I was shunned my whole life because of my quirkiness. Every culture has their stigmas and crossing generations and cultures, I was challenging the status quo.

I realized that I was more then being a first generation American, Latina, Hispanic, legal, documented, college degree recipient, large, loud, woman. #IAM the sweet presence of peace and acceptance of WHY I exist regardless of the labels I gave myself or allowed others to impose on me. My existence is to just #BEMyself be true, honest and flow with the energy that helps me throughout my day. Enjoying the present moments, breathing in deeply through your heart and being kind to myself has giving me the ultimate purpose. I am #abundant #loved #significant #whole beyond measure and encourage others to feel that peace, the peace that passes all understanding in every part of their lives.

Be open to #transcend your identity to the higher purpose you were created to be. Do what you WANT and are being guided to do even in your pings of fear. The more you walk through the doors YOU want to open, the more you allow the universe to teach you all that you came here to learn. You are an incredible person, you are more powerful then you have allowed yourself to be only because of el que diran, what they will say. Release that feeling and go deeper within. Life is too short not to do what you LOVE to do and life is too long to be in misery. We create our own hell and our own heaven. The choice is yours…

Yamile McBride is

  • Author of #loudlargelatinafina a book about identifying that the vulnerabilities we have are actually the superpowers that will help others if we allow it. She also realized that the only kryptonite is #TheMind Order yours at http://bit.ly/LoudLargeLatinaFina
  • Founder of Latinas Finas de Las Carolinas a non-profit that #EMPOWERS Latinas to #COLLABORATE with all #women to #MENTOR this and the next generation around the world STARTING from the #Carolinas.
  • Co-founder with her husband, Casey McBride, of McBride SOMOS, blended and step family experts who help you reIGNITE the peace, joy, love, intimacy you had in the beginning of the relationship. They facilitate the power within by sharing their vulnerabilities and help families overcome the statistics which say 70% will not make it by encouraging resiliency through adversity. www.McBrideSOMOS.com
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