For the last 11 years the Blended Lives of the McBride’s have been on an incredible journey full of excitement, tears, fears and lessons. We have started working on helping other #blendedfamilies reignite peace, joy and love with their own family regardless of the diversity or adversity that they have, believe or feel. When we created the Blended AND Brilliant Program we used ALL of the tools and techniques that have worked for us. We went through lots of pitfalls because of fear of letting go of our pasts. We realized that once we started focusing on the reasons we became one and what we loved about one another that it started flowing into our relationship with our children, the other parents, extended families AND the community. We accepted that we wanted peace in our lives and we searched for what steps we needed to take to get there. We found out the specific principles that brought us to joy, peace and happiness and therefore created the program for other blended families. These principles will work quickly and simply for those that are ready to do whatever it takes to bring the same kind of outcomes that we have come across.
For those that don’t know us well, let me tell you our own diverse attributes that pulled us together and tried to tear us apart. Our journey started back in December 2007: Casey is 6 years younger than I, he is Caucasian and born and bred in North Carolina, he was a single father of a 4-year-old girl who is 6-months older than my then youngest. I was a loud, Latina born in NJ, who grew up in New England who didn’t trust men who had 2 children from 2 different fathers. 1-was from a Black man who passed away when his son and my oldest were 3 years old, the other is a Central American man who decided to spread his wings to other places. After two years of dating Casey on and off because of fear, he asked to marry me. We brought each other into our lives because we both love and enjoy the same things, one being that we want to grow stronger emotionally, spiritually and physically. We both grew up in a blended family and with traumatic experiences and we made a declaration that we were both going to create a different life for our children. We now have 4 children, the youngest was born almost 5-years ago and she is the light of the party. She knows when her siblings leave for their other parents and embraces them equally when they come back. My oldest who will be 19 this month has realized that he is the author of his own happiness and life and with that he has found different friends that offer a different perspective on life.
Life still has it’s moments, but we found the steps to get out if the suffering quickly. We have realized the reasons why we are together and will do whatever it takes to find out why we are struggling, get to the root and rip it out of our lives for ever. The steps started within us and we are willing to create that for other blended families. The data shows that 70% of blended families end up divorcing yet again. It is strenuous on the intimacy of the spouses, but it is possible and we can help. We are committed to reducing that 70% because we KNOW that the ones that end up struggling for a lifetime and recreating the same thing for their own future are the children. We want the parents, the spouses to know there IS light, there IS freedom, there IS strength and a way to create the passionate, respectful and loving home you deserve. We want and believe you can have more intimate, romantic and sexual encounters that will draw you back to WHY you became one. YOU ARE capable AND deserving of finding that joy, that peace and that happiness, let us guide you on your journey in a quicker more productive way.
Casey and Yamile McBride, founders of McBride SOMOS Consulting. SOMOS means WE ARE. WE ARE whole, WE ARE love, WE ARE united, WE ARE capable of breaking patterns that does not suit us nor our children.

If you are ready to be at peace regardless of what situation is going on around you don’t hesitate to book a break through session at BREAK THROUGH SESSION or send me a private message.

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